21 Dec 2013

Seasons by Aaron Carroll

If we know how to listen to our own hearts, we can listen to the hearts of others.
~ Anon

My season is found in the spring because my vision was fully lost in the winter. …

My season hides in the fall when light was turning to darkness.

My season sounds like the acceptance of vision loss during the winter.

My season feels the summer when I can enjoy the warmth of the sun.

My season’s job is to work through each season to find new ways to adjust and grow.

My season moves like the spring as I learn new things.

My season wants to help others adapt to learning how to listen effectively.

My season tastes like seafood gumbo on New Year’s Day.

My season smells like Christmas.

My season says to stay encouraged.

My season’s secret is… to continue setting reachable goals.

Arron Carroll lives in Chicago, Illinois.  He is married and has three great kids.
He lost his vision 7 years ago due to the complications of sarcodosis
which is an autoimmune disease. 

Lesions near both optic nerves caused irreparable swelling and damage.  Currently, there is no medical treatment that can cure the disease. 

Aaron is a volunteer tutor at Second-sense where he supports visually impaired clients to learn assistive technology which includes screen readers and mobile hand held devices.

Aaron recently attended a workshop with Vision Through Words and my thanks to Aaron for his permission to post his reflections on The Seasons – and thanks to Stella De Genova for keeping us all in touch.

 “My Season is…”  -  Please share your thoughts.

My Season is…blessed to have you sharing the journey ….

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Becky Andrews said...

This is beautiful! I was diagnosed wtih RP during this season 30 years ago and does pause to reflect on the journey!