Peek Inside the Archives

At the Gateway to Blindness, you will find over fifty stories in the archives. If you are wondering where to begin finding older posts of interest, this page is a pretty good place to start. We have delved deeply to recover some of the stories hidden under the layers of text and present them here under seven themes…

In the beginning there was sight

In Search of a Miracle
A Fabric Owl & a Broody Dragon
Lladro – a Language of the Heart
To Braille or not to Braille – that was my question
The Scent of Friendship Lingers 

Blind Parent – Sighted Child

Hide and Seek
Blind People Shouldn’t eat Meatballs
I Spy with my Little Eye
Good Move

Better to Laugh than Cry

Where are all the Nice Guys?
Blind Bandit on the run
Blindness brings Kindness

Memoir of a Guide Dog

Smelling the Trees
Doggy Heaven
In Loving Memory of Noble Nev

The Book: My Mother’s Harvest

The Secret is Out: behind the scenes...
Love and Kindness (book launch)

Getting up Close – Interviews

Reach Out with Poss-ABILITY
Come on the Writing Journey
Mastering Blindness: Radio Australia

Benefits of Being Blind

Why watch a live show if you can’t see?
Being Blind: You are the rose among the Thorns
8 threads to weave into the garment of change
Touching Landscapes

“Imagine seeing a dark cave, with a large and luminous flower Floating in the darkness, shining with the light of inner wisdom. The flower remains hidden, for it does not appreciate it’s own beauty, and in revealing itself, in opening to the light, it fears it may be destroyed. What if you trusted enough to come out of the cave, To reveal your heart, your vulnerability, your own inner light.”
Dan Milman (The life you were born to live)