1 Jun 2014

Who’s Driving this Low Vision Show?

“We can make it happen if we put our heart and spirit into it.”

Alvaro Gutiérrez

Who’s driving the Low Vision Bureau, you ask? Well, not me, I was given the opportunity to steer a bicycle built for three in France and I am not quite sure why, but after our exciting adventure through the streets of Brittany, Harry asked me if I could please leave the driving to the experts...

Today’s post is an invitation for you to hear the conversation between a new friend of mine from Colombia. Alvaro Gutiérrez from the Low Vision Bureau is an expert in the world of technology.

He interviewed me for a Podcast in which he posed thought-provoking questions on topics such as:

·       daily life for the blind community in Melbourne

·        becoming a guest speaker

·       the skills required in dealing with frustration

·       the process of self-publishing a book if you are blind or visually-impaired

·       the nine qualities essential for coping with losing one’s sight

·      - and much more!

The only thing Alvaro and I may have forgotten to include is the free offer of steak knives for
every new subscriber to the Low Vision Bureau!

If you have a few minutes spare and want to relax at the end of your long day or are seeking
inspiration at the beginning of a new one, let me introduce you to the LVB Show – a Bilingual
Podcast driven by Alvaro, containing links to dozens of interviews with ‘visionaries’ from all
around the world.

Join us here and if you gain an insight or two, please share your comments after the interview, it
would be great to know what was the most revealing topic we covered.

Link to live audio interview

 © 2014 Maribel Steel


Amy Bovaird said...

Hi Maribel,
Wonderful interview!Your sunny, optimistic personality really came through.I am sure you encouraged many listeners! Your infectious laughter and positive take on life help us to see that we are limited only by our own fears, which we can overcome!

maribel steel said...

Hi Amy, many thanks for listening to our conversation on all things 'blind' - Alvaro is a delightful interviewer, bringing out the best in our conversation. It's true, we are only limited by our fears...and overcoming obstacles we encounter sometimes takes great effort but the reward is heart-warming. Best wishes on your upcoming memoir, I would love to share the link, Maribel