16 Jan 2014

Being Blind is the Obstacle AND the Stepping Stone

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were to be given the diagnosis of pending blindness? How would you cope? What would you do? How on earth would you find the strength to switch camps – from the sighted to the blind?

I have considered this question as the new year dawns – and wondered what I could write that would encourage others who may be facing the gateway to blindness, not to let the ‘obstacle’ stop you dead in your tracks.

As part of my writing goals for this year, I can offer you a NEW perspective

– how to see the insurmountable block of granite as a clear path littered with convenient stepping stones instead!

Sounds good? Follow me, one stepping stone at a time...

Composing a collection of posts on this theme, thoughts scramble and jostle for room on a blank page as I try to keep up with the speed of their conception. No need to fight, I’ll make room for you all, I assure them, writing in a burst of enthusiasm.

Enter the inner Field Marshal, Really? You’re going to move that huge boulder for your readers? You and whose army?

I ignore the voice of doubt and strategise how best to plot a path through the mine field of uncertainty. Suddenly, the inner field marshal jumps up with delight and gives me a hearty slap on the back, “Great! I like your plan. Get in there and help the troops overcome the internal obstacles to gain a better fighting position. Find those stepping stones and we can beat this thing. Go, go GO!...”

A Simple Truth

In my seventeenth year, I was called to face pending blindness. Naturally, I wanted to resist having to shift camps – and begged the inner field marshal to let me remain at home as a ‘normal’ citizen. But there was no choice. I had my marching orders, and I was expected to face a new truth.

During the journey over many obstacles to cope with the foreign land where blindness resides, I have been able to adapt to its harsh and unforgiving landscapes by keeping my sights on one simple truth:

If I can muster the strength to persevere, trust in my ability to find my way over obstacles and keep my attention concentrated on reaching my target, I will always see beyond the blinkered concept of blindness and view a horizon shining with potential.

Diamonds are Rocks in Disguise

When we diligently chip away at an obstacle that is barring the path to achieving our goals and our heart’s desires, the massive block of resistance can be reshaped and transformed into the precise STEPPING STONES we require to move forward again.

Cast your eyes once more on that rocky obstacle.

Hmm, what happens if you break off a little chunk, buff and polish it for a while, see its potential emerging...you may find, the rock of disappointment, once immovable has transformed before your eyes to become a shining diamond full of lustre and possibility!

How did you do that?

By choosing to turn your obstacle into a meaningful benefit.

Whenever the obstacle of blindness tries to block my path, I see its potential instead.

Life has proven on many occasions that if I persevere to see the benefit when caught between a rock and a hard place, the inner diamond will always appear.

The Benefits of Being Blind – NEW SERIES

Throughout this year, I am preparing to write about the benefits of being blind with all my crafty tools sharpened to reveal stunning diamonds of truth.

Did you know, a person living with little or no sight:

  •  is the perfect partner in any relationship
  •  has enviable potential for financial savings
  •  holds celebrity status that will amaze you
  •  is never blamed for anything
  •  becomes a hero by simply being

I have the posts all worked out and am looking forward to discovering the benefits with your participation. If you are someone who is curious to learn how to prise a diamond or two from that rock of difficulty you may be facing, add your comment or send me an email and let’s see how we can turn that obstacle into your next stepping stone.

Stay tuned. Benefit #1 of Being Blind will soon be released worldwide and coming to a screen near you!

contact me at maribel@springstudio.com.au

© 2014 Maribel Steel


sarah martin said...

Thank you for writing this. As always inspired and ready for a great journey on 2014 :-)

Bee Williamson said...

my rocks are finally being polished one section of my book of poems at a time. Enjoying reading your reflections...

maribel steel said...

Go girls...polish those stones - jewels of joy are waiting for us all!