29 Jan 2014

Mastering Blindness: Listen to The Radio Australia Interview With Phil Kafcaloudes

Exciting news!

Following is the audio interview where I speak with the charming Phil Kafcaloudes, presenter of the popular morning breakfast show on Radio Australia.

We talk candidly for 15 minutes on ‘ Mastering the daily challenges of living with blindness’and journey back in time to explain how it all began with the diagnosis in my teens.

The following blurb appeared on 28th January, Radio Australia’s home page:

 Melbourne author Maribel Steel shares her positive experience of living with blindness.

“Freelance writer and blogger Maribel Steel began to lose vision in the seventies. She was fifteen.  Strong-willed, she decided then to find other ways of doing things and was determined not to let vision impairment get her down. 
She says becoming blind never stopped her enjoying what life had to offer.

She has travelled, written a recipe book and has become a motivational speaker on the topic of living with blindness and the daily challenges to overcome.

She discusses her experience and many projects with Phil Kafcaloudes.”

So – if you want a front row seat, bring along your cup of coffee and sit back and listen to the conversation-




With all my heart I thank my devoted partner, Harry Williamson, who makes the journey into blindness so much more fun – every girl needs a fella like Harry!

And to Phil Kafcaloudes, a rare gentleman indeed! It was truly a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you to you and your producer, Adelaine Ng, for such a warm welcome at the studio.

© 2014 Maribel Steel


Amy Bovaird said...

So very proud of you, Maribel! You are getting the word out about RP ... how it is to cope with a degenerative eye disorder. Great interview, very uplifting!

maribel steel said...

Amy - your words of encouragement always lift my heart! Thank you.
By the way, one of the unexpected questions Phil asked was if I was upset by others who don't fully appreciate their eyesight to enjoy the gift of sight? Interesting thought - if I wasn't having to cope with RP would it not be some other challenge that would come my way? What do you think in terms of your own life with our mutual 'friend' Ms RP? Maribel

sarah martin said...

You uplift and give voice to what could be dark. Thank you for continuing to impact my life.

maribel steel said...

That's a beautiful thing to say, Sarah. Thank you. Do you have any poetry on facing the challenges of RP you would like to contribute to the blog - send me an email, keep moving onwards in love and light. Maribel