13 Sep 2015

Something Happened on the Way to My Future

“The best dreams happen when you’re awake.”
Cherie Gilderbloom

There has been a little less activity here at the Gateway over the past couple of months – and would you like to know why?
Something happened on the way to my future!

Over the past fifteen months or so, I’ve been writing posts as a peer advisor for VisionAware, a branch of the American Foundation for the Blind, and loving it. With a wonderful group of peers, we contribute helpful articles on many topics relating to living with being blind or visually-impaired.

So there I was, typing away on one of my posts when, I received an amazing invitation in an email from New York!

A recruitment scout from About.com – a Top ranking online network website was in the first phase of their redesign effort and this person was asking me to come aboard to write for them on the topic of vision loss.

At first, I had to reread the email three times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and the offer was legitimate and not a spam letter. Then when I realised it was a genuine offer and a brilliant opportunity to expand my skills as a writer – I got straight down to writing up a list of articles I could offer (after doing a merry-dance all around the house with joy!).

Many More Posts per Month

Having begun in August, I am writing 6 posts per month on the NEW network, blindness.about.com, so I’ll be sharing the links here to recent articles as well as some of my pieces for VisionAware.

Gateway readers, it is my delight to share with you the first batch of posts…

How to See Blindness as a Word and Not a Sentence

Taking Charge as CEO of Your Life

5 Ways to Avoid Daily Chaos

How to Create a Successful Double Act with a Sighted Assistant

How Do You Cook for Your Family when You Can’t See

Cooking is a Sensory Affair

And for those who would like to celebrate our loyal guide dogs, head over to VisionAware to read my tribute to Run Melbourne: a Walk in the Park with our Guide Dogs

Thanks all – do write a comment here if you have a topic you would like to see covered in upcoming posts…go well, flow well…may something wonderful happen on the way to your future too…

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” Eckhart Tolle

My heartfelt thanks to my partner who has taken on the complexities of being the web-master behind the scenes to deal patiently with tasks required to make all this possible

– Harry Williamson, please stand up and take a bow, you’re a legend!

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